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A very cool girl

A Temira is someone who is caring and creative.
she will use her creativity to help other as well

if you have a temira never ever leave her side!

temira is also a varriation of Tamera
see that girl over there?
you know the one thats beautiful, smart, funny, creative, and caring?
ya she's a Temira :)
by Mia Renee August 18, 2011
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Cutesy pie girl, she's adorable, funny and lovable. Yet doesn't have much self esteem. Skilled in arts and is very creative. Temira's love everyone and everything and are very kind <3
'Temira's so cute.'

'I know right, I want to steal her she's so funny!'
by mpnkijubhyvgtcyfrxde August 12, 2011
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Temira is so sexy everyone's love her she may not be the sweetest but she is still loved all the boys love her and want to steal yet she always has a boy by her side and her boyfriend is alffie the sweetest boy in the world

'damn i wish i had their couple goals'

' i wish she was mine'

' yeah she a temira all the boys want her she's sexy, hot, sweet, peng, creative and funny i wish she was mine'
damn i love her she sexy as holy damn she is fitttttt why can't i have her i love her who is her boyfriend i will challenge him for the beautiful and sexy girl temira
by Temira July 26, 2017
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