She is beautiful with a great personality, very charismatic and knows what she wants. She doesn't take shit from anybody so don't test her. But on the other hand she is very loyal, the life of the party and a freak in the bed but only if you deserve it.
Boy 1: Aye you know Tela?

Boy 2 : nah who is she?
Boy 1: bruh she fine AF and her smile lights up the room you can't miss her.. there she go!
Boy 2: oh yes you right she definitely look like a Tela
by IBoy789 March 15, 2017
Tela is very great and I her love her lots :)
by anonymous December 13, 2004
A Colombian term used when describing that you can see someone’s ass crack because the pants get stuck between their cheeks, when translated it means chewing cloth.
Oye estás masticando tela
Hey you’re masticando tela
by Stupidsuicidalasshoe November 30, 2019