The most amazing beautiful girl in the world she has the biggest heart in the world she is so caring the most amazing body she is just a lovable person she cares for anyone she is pretty much there for anyone she is also a very sensitive girl if you hurt her she will be hurt for a while so dont turn on her but also dont mess with her cause you will be getting a hiding. so yea just get your self a Teka they are the fucking best! <3
by bobstevecauseynot May 13, 2020
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Teka is a beautiful, intelligent, loving & caring woman who always puts others needs before her own. She is outgoing & kind & will always look out for you no matter who you are. Sometimes she struggles with stress and depression, but that’s because nobody is there for her as much as she is there for others. Teka is always on her grind striving for success & is not afraid of failure. Her ambition is strong & her personality is one of a kind, but don’t break her trust, because it will be very hard to regain it back. Teka is very loyal & has a lot of compassion. If she’s not out working, running errands & shopping, she’s in the house cooking, relaxing or sleeping from all her hard work. Teka stays busy & doesn’t have time to waste. Teka can be very sensitive though, watch your words around her, but most of all...get you a TEKA!
“Teka is so nice, how can anyone not like her”
by UpNwavey August 21, 2019
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Can be used as a pets name. "Teka" is a good name for a redish coloured pet. Loyal, beautiful, nice natured, perfect family pet & all round loving.
Charlotte " Hey Colin, what a lovely looking dog, what is she?
Colin " Her names Teka & shes a pitbull.
by Day-Dreamer93 February 24, 2012
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Spanish slang term for fat ass. A person who's constantly eating.
Me: What are you gonna do after school?
Them: Same always, go home, do my homework, eat, watch tv and eat some more. Wbu?
Me: Just be home and be a pinche Teka.
by Weech :P March 22, 2019
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When the giver of a blowjob sneaks her/his finger into the persons anus then uses that finger to brand them with their initials
Dude, last night my girlfriend surprised me with a dirty teka to show she owned me.
by jlynntheis April 2, 2020
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