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Tejuice, a short (but in actuality is longer) form of Tejas, is a sadistic little man with big eyes and deems himself a dictator to no people, except for the fabled communist Andy Zoo. With the anger of a thousand feminists and a politically shunned Kiran, (pronounced Kiran, not Kiran) he can topple the mighty luster that the all-mighty anaeesh bestowed upon his one-person dictatorship. Another one of his abusive relationships is of the Shreyank but mostly Shreyank criticizes Tejuice for who he is (not nice!)

Tejuice is a devout homophobic and any attempts to reach his ballsac has been failed. Even the great Anaeesh can not fend against such attacks, mainly given to the author of this definition.

He also has an unhealthy obsession with anti-communist propaganda (even though the sole person in his dictatorship is a communist), is an ex-board member of MHSRoyale, and after the great Krish revolution of 2017, has stumbled into the zone of 'Counterfeit' (And thinks that he is a master hacktivist programmer after making 2.0 3.0 and all the bs versions that are really just about 4 lines of code) and has gained zero dollars from the scheme. In secrecy, he has made the Dictator-Communist-Soviet pact of 2018 real, and has gathered Andy Zoo, himself, and the great Lenin (or his remains, so to speak) to create an all out virus out of the counterfeit series.
Shreyank: Man, Tejuice looks all worked up over there.
Anaeesh: He probably got a 99 from Serrano but a 69 from Rama
Shreyank: Damn, homophobes must hate to get 69s
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by thiri June 18, 2018
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