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God and savior of the Tejas Empire and everyone else. Known for his godly height and strength. Known for fainting at least once a year due to the mental strain of watching millions of lives. Eye to eye contact with him can make straight men gay and gay men gayer. A great fencer and is knowledgeable in building robots.
Do you think you are an Anaeesh?
Iā€™m building a statue of Anaeesh on top of my school.
by The42Dictator June 17, 2018
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an Anaeesh is a god among men. Most people fear him of his thicc muscles and 6 foot hunchbackness. he is best friends with a Shreyank. although he can be quiet at times, and cries about bad grades, he has to take a bra and make it backwards to cover up his pectus exorus. additionally, he has better balance since he has 12 fucked up toes In total.
Tejas: Have you heard the new catchphrase? Anaeesh neva dies.
Shreyank: titties
Anaeesh: play fortnite with me...
by thiri June 15, 2018
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