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A way to emphasize the sheer lack of money someone has or something costs. Coined in the early 90s by writer G. Balgobin.
I will pay you zero dollars for that whack-ass shirt.

I've got zero dollars so you're going to have to spot me, nigga!
by whocanitbenow November 20, 2009
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An article of clothing, usually a shirt, that one gets for free. The most likely source is a contest at a bar/club or a freebie from a liqueur distributor. Hence the Zero Dollar Status. It can be an insult given to someone that should know better than to wear it out on the town.
Steve: Yo' Charlie! Can you believe Willy is wearing that Zero Dollar shirt he got from Miller? Iā€™m surprised the bouncer let him in!
Charlie: Fo shizzle my nizzle, why do you think he wins the Golden Corona every Year?
by Steve December 07, 2004
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