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A shreyank is a indian bloke with a smart attitude and good nature but sometimes doesnt catch on to things that are obvious to others. He often can be described as a tit biscuit, and has large areola. Dont mess with him he can fuck you up if you piss him off, but its hard to do that.
Person one: Dude did you hear about the new group chat Mud's mules? There are so many nudes passed through there!
Person two: so what?
Person one: Come on dude don't be such a Shreyank..
by thiri June 02, 2018
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(n.) Somebody who can go an extra mile to make you happy, appears as complex as tangled earphones but is as simple as truth. Can be very lazy at times but once he has made up his mind to do something then makes it happen. Somebody to cherish and love. Rare to find.
He is shreyank, he is the best!
by Blah- June 10, 2018
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