The act of cumming on your sexual partners tee shirt. This usually is performed during a quickie, whilst the female is partially or fully dressed, and when no protection is used.
Guy 1: Dude! I was fucking my girl in her driveway last night at 9 pm. She was wearing really short shorts so i just pulled that shit to the side and went to town! She wrapped her legs around me, put her feet on my calves and her ass against her BMW. I didn't have a condom, and she isn't on birth control yet, so when i knew i was gonna come, I pulled out and sprayed my whole load on her Hollister shirt. Those shits cost like 40 bucks.

Guy 2: Wow, you totally Seed Teed that hoe.

Guy 1:Yeah, and the best part is she had to walk back inside past her parents to change. I bet my boys were shining bright under all that lighting in her fucking kitchen.
by rosszUSAfiu November 10, 2009
Synonym of turned up
Used to say someone is high or used to say someone’s good like he turned up his game of basketball
“Bro hit the j and teed up
“He’s teed up on the field he’s the best in the state”
by Conjury March 25, 2021
The most beautiful girl there is. She heccs all the friccs and is beautiful doing it. Ahn Papi Teed~
Wow Nora Teed is looking extra cute today ;))))
by Mr. CringeWorthy April 8, 2019
Akin to the “golden shower”; the act of urinating on a friend, acquaintance or lover, when angry/upset/ or in a fight as in “teed off”.
After heavy drinking and insulting everyone at her party, Kim passed out. She was then golden-teed by everyone present.
by Inmown Werdz July 11, 2008
When a woman is on her knees with her chest on the bed awaiting your penetration.
Tammy was so hot, all teed up and waiting on me.
by heathepw April 28, 2009
A word of agreement; satisfaction. Can also add in as many e's as you want to add extra emphasis.
"Hey man we are gonna go to a movie today"
"Bet we will leave at 8"
by Brokile October 14, 2021
Act of getting hyped, locked in, excited/happy. In a flow state.
I’m so teed right now.
Lets get teed up boys.
Omg wavyjacob is so teed up right now.
by RandomJod November 30, 2021