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an amateur baseball or slow pitch softball league. derives its name due to the fact many of the players tend to be overweight and/or of below average physical condition, and consume massive quantities of beer.
after Commissioner Bud Selig contracted the New York Yankees, Rivera, Jeter, A-Rod, and the rest of the team couldn't find any other team that could afford to take on their salaries so they ended up having to play in the beer leagues.
by King Ahid July 16, 2004
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an amateur baseball league (or beer league) in which a significant majority of the participants are of Mexican descent. derives its name from a popular brand of Mexican beer.
tecate leagues are quite common throughout California and the American Southwest.
by King Ahid July 16, 2004
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A delusional taxi driver from a large city in the American Southwest who despite overwhelming opposition from the scientific community (and anyone else with a shred of common sense) continues to dream up very expensive plans which he claims will destroy a tornado. For years he planned on detonating an explosive inside a tornado, but in recent months he has expressed a greater interest in pointing a laser beam at the tornado.
The tornado fighter was charged up the wazoo for massive bandwith usage after his website was FARKed in Jan 2004.
by King Ahid July 17, 2004
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