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An annoying student who kisses up to the teacher and does a bunch of favors for said teacher in hopes of getting a good grade. The kind of student who raises his hand for every single question and buys expensive gifts for their teacher. This student thinks they are superior to their peers because they are the teacher's favorite and therefore they bosses everyone around. They will also tattle on their peers for insignificant rules they might break.
*Normal Student eating an apple, not causing harm to anybody*
Teacher's Pet: "Teacher! Oh teacher! There's someone eating an apple in the classroom! That's against the rules!"
Teacher: "Thank you for telling me. *scolds Normal Student*
Normal Student: "Wow, thanks a lot man. What the hell did I ever do to you?"
by Dude678 June 25, 2013
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X: I had this great highdea last night
Y: You clearly were philosopher stoned.
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This person is usually really rude and stuck-up to classmates, but pretends to be really nice, helpful, and caring to teachers. These people would go out of their way to help a teacher organize, get materials, and even fill a water bottle or get their lunch. If the class were loud, they would tell them to shut up and not get yelled at but on the other hand if a normal student told the class to be quiet, they would be scolded. This student is also favorite by the teacher and is defend by the teacher if they were accused of something like calling someone names or being rude or bullying. They get privileges that no one else has. In my opinion, they suck.
Teacher's pet: "OMG! Just shut up!"
Teacher: *nods*

Normal student: "Guys, please be quiet!"
Teacher: "Hey! You called out! Weeks detention!"


Teacher's Pet: "Hey, Mrs. Jones! I like your shirt! It's really pretty! Do you need me to get your lunch? I got it."
Teacher: "Why thank you Hannah! You're so always so nice! Here since you are so very kind here's a candy bar!"
(whispers)"I'll give you an A on your next report, how bout' that."
Teacher's Pet: "Thank you Mrs. Jones!"
*runs into Kevin while trying to get lunch*
"F**k you Kevin! You're so annoying! Get out of my way b**ch!"
Kevin: "What did I do?"
by idontgiveafudge May 31, 2017
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A complete suck-up. Never gets in trouble and gets away with everything!
teacher: can someone please pass out these papers?
Joe: Of course! you look absolutely gorgeous today, have you been working out?
Sally: what a teachers pet!
by totalawesomerocker February 14, 2010
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Some of the teachers I had considered me their pet.
by Saints September 21, 2003
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These are the students that the teacher forever adores. The sad thing is that they don't even have to get good grades they just do numerous things that teachers like, such as:

1) Making schoolnotes or the school website their homepage and then subtly mentioning it where the teacher can overhear
2) Buying a gift so expensive they wouldn't get it for their own mother and then subtly mentioning the price where the teacher can overhear
3) Studying all night long just so they wouldn't let the teacher down and subtly mentioning it where the teacher can overhear
4) Observing and yelling at all the troublemakers when the teacher is out of the room and subtly mentioning them by name and his or her own good act of trying to keep them in line where the teacher can overhear

Basically it's those annoying people that always stand by (figuratively) the teacher and mentioning their good deeds subtly where the teacher can overhear. I have also noticed that they are always the ones who come in with the "perfect" project which has all those weird features and everything lamenated and is soooooo creative that they somehow score better than an A+. I hate them so much. >:0
Teacher's pet: Oh, Mrs. Johnston I love that dress. I can't wait to take that test because I studied a long time but still got plenty of sleep and woke up soon enough to eat a healthy breakfast.
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Started even since the beginning of time, a terrible result of a experiment of a no lifer plus a huge suckup. Disastrous when tried to battle since they have the teachers shield.
Hey is that a teacher's pet.

That that is a teach's pet that's what you call a rat.
by haoyan January 11, 2017
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