An annoying student who kisses up to the teacher and does a bunch of favors for said teacher in hopes of getting a good grade. The kind of student who raises his hand for every single question and buys expensive gifts for their teacher. This student thinks they are superior to their peers because they are the teacher's favorite and therefore they bosses everyone around. They will also tattle on their peers for insignificant rules they might break.
*Normal Student eating an apple, not causing harm to anybody*
Teacher's Pet: "Teacher! Oh teacher! There's someone eating an apple in the classroom! That's against the rules!"
Teacher: "Thank you for telling me. *scolds Normal Student*
Normal Student: "Wow, thanks a lot man. What the hell did I ever do to you?"
by Dude678 June 25, 2013
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I'm going to challenge most of the definitions that define a teacher's pet as a bad thing. A teacher's pet is a student who wants to be the best he/she could be. He/she will make sure (I'm going to go with 'she') She would do all of her homework because she likes her teacher. She some of the time wants to have a friendly relationship with the teacher because she might not have a lot of friends. She raises her hand for every question, and more often than not is right. She does this, not to annoy her peers, but simply because she knows she's right or she wants to participate and actually try. She has conversations with the teacher and tries to help her out. A teacher's pet might aspire to become a teacher. They might seem like a know-it-all also, but sometimes, there might be person out there that just always seems to know it all!
The rest of the class asks the teacher's pet questions about the assignment, because she/he is just as knowledgeable as the teacher.
by RaWr_ImMa_DiNo November 29, 2015
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A total loser who noone likes and everyone makes fun of behind their back because they suck up to a teacher, usually laughing at ALL of their bad jokes and commonly ask, "Is there anything I can do to help?", etc.
Ms. Shilderez: (Bad joke)
Anna: Hahahaha, you're so funny!
Sane person: She is SUCH a teacher's pet!
Other sane person: I know, right?!
by nilmerghet February 16, 2019
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Someone who has a sexual/romantic fetish, or complex for teachers/professors. They are usually in high school or college, and they would much rather sleep with, say their English teacher/professor than the head cheerleader or Quarterback on the football team. They do well in class, and try extremely hard to please their teacher of interest. Many, however, tend to go out with teachers, and marry them after they're done with school. They like someone who is mature, is in a position of power, and is usually older than themselves.
Lizzie: Hey, Molly. Why are you staring at Mr. Thomas?

Molly: He's sooo HOT! I love a mature man of authority...

Lizzie: Eww... He's old enough to be your father!

Molly: I don't care! I sooo want to read Chaucer with him, and suck his dick... He's sooo intelligent, and I would do anything for him! His classes are sooo interesting...

Lizzie: Girl, you are sooo a teacher's pet...
by EmCat October 17, 2014
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A sexual maneuver performed on an adult student causing the student's grade to rise to the level of O+ or beyond.
Philotes was growing bold during office hours with her professor so teacher's pet was performed to reestablish professional dominance and reduce her to a purring kitten.
by Professor.Joe April 27, 2023
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Student in a school, with sexual relations for a teacher. They always talk to teachers, get away with everything, and stuff. They sleep in a hamster cage in the teacher's bedroom, ejaculating in the water bowl while waiting for the teacher to go to bed and have sex with them.
Student 1: Have you seen that teacher's pet?
Student 2: Yeah, that's why he isn't a virgin!
by corpse on a stick November 9, 2017
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