NWA, ECW and WWF wrestler who reinvented the suplex (or Tazzplex). One of the more innovative and impressive mat wrestlers of all time.
From the Red Hook Section of Brooklyn, New York - weighing 248 pounds, he is the Human Suplex Machine - THIS IS TAZZ!
by Big J August 14, 2004
To be kinda high.
guy1:I took to hits and then I was tazzed.
by lghjfkumkhgfv May 22, 2009
sexual intercourse that gives you more orgasms, than screams at childbirth
OMG, i heard Zac Efron has had Tazz!
by Gaby TAZZini January 30, 2009
Born to be successful,silent but deadly, and good at making females orgasm
"Tazz is the one to fulfill my needs"
by Llsbitch March 14, 2017
Tazz is a hot guy that Becca loves so much and tazz can be a bitch but becca doesnt fucking care. hes still the best person ever and always will be. love u bro
"I love you bitchboy"
fuck you tazz
by beccafaiith November 29, 2020
Tazz is a boy who makes sexual intercourse with any girl

He is not gentle, and loves to beat on women
"Didn't you hear Tazz just raped a model from California"
by Marie Williams June 28, 2017
When a male places his lips around the clitoris and makes a humming sound followed by instant female paralysis as if she were tassered.
The other night I was going down on my girlfriend and decided to Tazz-Her.....I thought she had died when her eyes rolled back...but then she smiled!
by Alejandro6969 December 4, 2012