A really kind person that gets socially awkward. They are great friends.
Taygen is the best friend
by Lilstrawb December 21, 2018
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A Taygen is a really good, social person that is really pretty and nice. She is very athletic and has a good body.
Look at Taygen’s butt! She must work out.
by mae4 December 28, 2018
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A boy/girl name and is a sporty person and can't find love that easily and can struggle with socialising.
"why is Taygen not talking to anyone?".

"How is Taygen so fast?"
"How is Taygen so sart!"
by Taygon January 25, 2021
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Taygen is one of the most sweetest person you will ever meet. She won’t talk about you behind your back, but she will if you do it first. If you get on her bad side she will be very mean to you. Most people will make fun of her but she will continue to be very nice to them. Her friend group will be mostly boys and some girls. She will always have a special place in her heart for her friends and family. She’s falls for boys way to hard than take for ever to get over them. She will act dumb but she actually has really good grades. She is probably one of the most annoying people you will meet but once you get to know her you will love her.
Girl 1: omg Taygen is so annoying

Girl 2: she’s actually super sweet and funny

Boy 1: why are you so ugly

Taygen: omg I love your shoes
by Ur•gay February 20, 2020
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He is a big fan of video game and does not like to go outside but a good guy over all also will have hard time finding love
by Taygen simp April 4, 2021
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