among southern Californian gangs A tattoo placed under the eye that is used to signify the lost of a loved one or good friend. an empty tear signifies that the loved one had been killed in murder. a filled tattoo signifies that the loved one had killed themselves or was killed in another cause (car crash, death penalty etc.). Tattoo's with a half empty top and a half full bottom means that the loved one had been murdered but their killer was murdered by the Tattoo wearer.
Rappers Lil wayne, The Game, Birdman, and DMX all sport tear tattoo's in memory of their friends. Lil Wayne has two tattoo tear's
by Johnston Carroll June 25, 2007
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Traditionally the tattoo tear signified that the wearer had killed someone. The meaning of the tattoo however can vary between ethnicity and region. For example in australia, a tattoo tear is sometimes forefully tattooed on an inmate who had sexually assualted a child. More recently the tattoo tear has come to mean a fellow family or gang member has dies while the wearer was incarcerated. If you do not fit any of these criteria don't get a tear tattoo.
Lil' Wayne has a Tattoo Tear under his eye.
by Kactapuss November 1, 2006
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When a friend of yours is killed, you would get a tattoo tear instead of shedding tears in the physical.
by BiG PoPpA O7 July 11, 2005
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When ur friend or someone close to u dies or is kill u get two tattoo tears to represent ur loss andthe feelings u had for them, but when u get ur revenge by killing the person who killed ur friend/family member u only tattoo one tear
Game has one tattoo tear because of some shit that went down, and lil wayne has two tattoo tears for his dead father
by Silk1235 September 12, 2006
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its something inmates get when they kill someone to simbolise tears they cant cry
A lot of dudes i jail got tattoed tears
by AC October 27, 2003
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Tattoos that look like tears under your right eye that show that you killed someone
To all my niggaz facin sixty years, sheddin
tattooed tears - tupac
by Demqr1 February 15, 2010
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Its the one that thugs shed when their accomplices die.
Like "I shed tattooed tears during these multiple years"
by Manpreet Grewal (Punjab) January 24, 2004
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