this word is what parents tell you to try and make you eat that nasty stuff called sourcrout...
mmm, tastes like chalk.
by Maryanne E. M. July 09, 2004
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a response when something incredibly fortunate has happened

defining something beyond good

something that tastes good

used sarcastically means bad
for the first time you walk onto a beach at cancun you see the hoards and say "tasty"

You have a sub who lets you do nothing all class, you say later "that was a tasty sub"

mmm tasty cookies

somoeone shows you their infeced finger which is oozing puss, you say "tasty"
by #54 Trotter May 03, 2005
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SoMEoNe wHo lOOks AS If deY wIlL BrOOk UR nOSe!!!
NaH leAVe It mAn HE loOKs TasTy!!
by lady_b September 02, 2004
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The next step after munchies. You experience an overwhelming need to eat a lot of food with a lot of different tastes.
"Man I have major tasties right now, get me some thai food, some jolly ranchers, and burger and fries."
by JGGGGGG June 02, 2007
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The lamest excuse for a human being, he often answers to the name of 'Tasty' due to the canabalisitc way of eating the 'Big Tasty' meal in Mcdonalds. His favourite number is '50' after a certain recent incident, envolving a certain lady called Linda. You will often find him drinking or eating at Penryn Rugby Club where he attempts to play rugby.
by Pistol123456 December 14, 2010
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