When Beeca Grant ignorantly falls in love with a guy and expects to live a life long fairy tale. Soon for that guy to break up with her therefore leaving her in a petty and uncalled for state.
Becca got tasmaned and couldn't handle it so she cried to her Simran
by Becca_is_petty August 2, 2019
The state where a female falls in love with the male but is then rejected for a long term partner role leaving them distressed and heartbroken for long periods of time.
He just Tasmaned me
by Jigjog July 23, 2019
Someone whose company may be considered moderately enjoyable due to their extensive knowledge in fields that nobody has heard of.
'Have you seen Tasman lately?'

by Sir Charles IIIII April 14, 2013
Someone who has an extensive repertoire of knowledge in fields that nobody has heard of.
Tasman: "Did you know that Sesquipedalophobia is the fear of long words?"
by Charles IIIII April 14, 2013
A guy with a 10 inch penis and a great personality and a perfect body
Wow what a tasman!

id like to fuck that tasman
by kjhsdfvjhkgsafdjhgfadsjh September 21, 2009
2)Any person who takes as much pride in their red hair as Daniel Magil
by Mittens August 7, 2003