A British comedy show starring Greg Davies as the taskmaster, and Alex Horne as his beta male sidekick.
Hello! I'm Greg Davies and this is Taskmaster!
by DazWolfy_1986 August 19, 2021
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A marvel character. He has th power to copy almost any phisical feat he sees. He mostly copy's opponets fighting styles. Due to this he often looses other memories. He caries copys of hero's wepons. He can not copy super human feats becuse his body can not handle the stress.
I'm a total Taskmaster on MVC3!
by Dude 700 June 16, 2011
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Scottified Taskmaster The perfect man who will dance in the rain, and show you off and make you feel important. He will steel you're heart and make you feel like you are his everything. And when you least expect it, the Scottifie part happens, and every aspects of your life is nothing, lifeless, hopeless, loveless, and broken.
Scottified Taskmaster is a perfect prince charming from hell.
Yes i fell for my Scottified Taskmaster.
Scottified Taskmaster, and Angel are a perfectly imperfect love turned into a deserted disaster.
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a nickname for Jordan Thomas Cooper from Governor Nikki Haley’s office and a nickname for Vince McMahon.
Both Cooper and McMahon were nicknamed taskmasters and had family in SC.
by Coop Dupe March 31, 2022
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