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A marvel character. He has th power to copy almost any phisical feat he sees. He mostly copy's opponets fighting styles. Due to this he often looses other memories. He caries copys of hero's wepons. He can not copy super human feats becuse his body can not handle the stress.
I'm a total Taskmaster on MVC3!
by Dude 700 June 15, 2011
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One who is a master at performing tasks; is known to perform tasks well- multiply at a time. They are great and not everyone can achieve the level of the task master. Becoming a task master means being disciplined and focused.
girl: hey that boy over there is a task master! did you see the way he paid the clerk, answered his cell phone, and threw away his trash all at the same time?
boy: nothing like my friend at work who works on the computer, does filing, keeps track of inventory and answers the phone all at once.
girl: oh, guess your friend really is a task master!
by Stephanie T August 17, 2005
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The dude in the pc who helps you if you want to close programs.
Used by highly educated IT dudes.
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by JonnyBarco July 31, 2020
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