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Like how Tarzan grabs another vine before letting go of the one he's holding, this is starting to hook up/date someone new before breaking up with your current partner
Man, Anne is so into Tarzaning - she had a few test fucks with Bill before breaking up with Steve.
by pikaporeon July 04, 2012
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The act of jumping from sack to sack, as if you were Tarzan jumping from vine to vine.

Being on one's sack, is to criticize someone for an action or feeling.
"Dude, you're tarzaning right now. You were just on John's sack and now you're on mine"
by WWPNorth December 29, 2013
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A term described by the actions of very desperate females who undeniably want a guy (primarily his dick) and are visably doing it so much, they are practically swinging off his dick.
Brandon -- Dude, he has so many girls chasing after him

Jon -- Yea but Danny won't do shit. They're practically tarzaning on him
by NumberThreeSloth August 09, 2011
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