1. (n.) a yellow residue that is left behind on teeth as a result of over-consuming large amounts of pure alcohol, and not brushing your teeth. hill billy

2. (adj.) savage, uncivilized, barbarian, whorish, not having any moral boundaries, untalented, drunk
1. Guy #1: Dude, I was making out with that girl last night, but I didn't want her to go down on me cause she had lots of tartar on her teeth.
Guy #2: Yea, sure, THAT'S why you didn't get laid.

2. Reporter on TV: ...and the dog walked itself home. Coming up next, "Teens-Turned-Tartar."
Guy watching TV at home: "Hey honey, come watch, they're about to interview Miley Cyrus!!"
by hehehello888 January 25, 2010
Origin: an arabic word created by the great joud, started its use in the 21st century.

Definition: when something is too good or impressive.

Synonym: dope.
by shalissaa December 18, 2018
really HOT mammary glads;breasts,tits,boobs... ect.
Wow Mel has really bodatious tartars...
by Meloony February 5, 2009
1. cum (literally: sauce of the dick)
1. knob tartare: spit or swallow?
by tartarey October 12, 2009
1. A mutual agreement during a date that bereaves the female member from any sexual favor obligation.

2. Voiding or negotiating all debts outstanding by the female personage during a romantic heterosexual encounter.
"Lindsay paid for parking and I bought the movie tickets. By all means, it was a successful tartar barter.
by Dr. Emmett L. Brown July 18, 2005
slang,when in distress just yell it out,a word made up by the creators of SpongeBob Squarepants.
Tartar sauce, I thought SpongeBob was on T.V.!
by Lynett April 23, 2003
Giving something to employees that comes at an inconsequential cost to the company; an incentive. Used in the Simpsons when Homer requests more tartar sauce for employees to use on their fish sticks. This theoretically results in better employee moral and, thus, greater productivity.
"Those donuts I put in the break room are pure tartar sauce."

"Let them have their tar-tar sauce" - Mr. Burns

"These lazy employees need some tartar sauce to get them going."

"Give the employees some tartar sauce and then increase their hours."
by Gutentag September 16, 2009