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Tarras are incredibly beautiful, tarra will have long silky hair and stunning mysterious eyes. Tarras tend to be huge flirts but when it come to the Guys they really like they don't know what to say or how to act. Tarras are very cute and bubbly they are also extremely smart and intuitive and natural born leaders.. A Tarra is the kind of girl you'd be lucky to have as your friend. She will never abandon you and will be just as quick to slap the bitch who was mean to you. You need this girl in your life without her it will be far to boring.
"Wow tarras your girlfriend damn your lucky "
"I know right, she's perfect "
by Awesome whatchamacallit January 17, 2013
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Tarra: Can be a female name, or when used as an improper noun, can mean a deadly female assassin who dresses in all black. A tarra generally wears sunglasses to hide her identity, and to keep glare out of her eyes while on the prowl. Can be hired for money, but usually only pounces on spontaneous impulses.
"Hey, call Tarra."

"Man, this guy is my tarra."
by Cody, Yea! March 21, 2007
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Tarra’s Are pretty lit. They’re also smart and know their memes well
:Woah u know so many memes

:Yeah I know I’m a Tarra
by TSylvi December 26, 2018
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