Slang for Town. Often used in Barnsley.
"I'm from Tarn."
by OccasionalGoldfish February 01, 2013
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Best known as a mtn. glacier lake, Tarn is also a woman who is beautiful and vivacious. She is honest and kind, loving and caring, generous and intelligent. She is incredibly romantic often to her detriment as she tends to set her sights on the wrong man. However, she is a born leader and also a survivor. She can get dirty with the boys and play dress up with the girls. She is every-woman!!
Tarn, vivacious, intelligence, organic, romantic
by naya-lyn February 05, 2010
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A badass dude that all people enjoy. He has an amazing sense of humor although sometimes it is dark or cruel. He is a very handsome man who respects all people. Tarn is the type of guy to enjoy a beer with but also have a deep conversation with. He is intelligent but sometimes doesn't think things through. He is an adventuress man who loves the outdoors. Tarn often assumes that people don't like him, he also denies that he is good at what he does. His name comes from Norway and Scandinavia. The meaning of his name is "high mountain lake", this directly connects to his love for the outdoors and sense of adventure.
Person one: "did you hear Tarn almost died this weekend on another adventure?"

Person two: "no I did not, but I heard he's legendary!"

Person one: "why?"
Person two: "legend has it he was blown by the principals daughter. And he has a dick that I hear is a gift from god himself"

Person one: "wow, Tarn's a badass"
by Laxbro2019 September 12, 2017
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Tarne is a very loving person who can be cheeky, he's hot , it's meaning of a guy with nice eyes and a unique and attractive personality.
This is so good but it's not Tarne
by Shiggabuggahiggaliggit January 10, 2017
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Person 1 " why are you such a tarn?"
Person 2" cause Im the best at everything lol."
by 99.30 July 08, 2015
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we off tarning tonight?

lets tarn these bitches
by CJxxxxx September 30, 2011
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