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1) n. A compressed file or group of compressed files with the .tar file extention.

2) n. Some annoying prick that follows you around everywhere like they're stuck to you.

3) n. A cleptomaniac.

4) n. A person of African decent.
Some tarball followed me into my office, stole my computer password, and decompressed my files. Damn Africans!
by Chad W May 24, 2008
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Resin scraped from your pipe and smoked when you're out of weed.
My dealer got busted and I'll I have left to smoke is this tarball.
by Hero2Zeroin420 April 13, 2011
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The greasy residue that builds up on a man's balls after not showering for a few weeks.
Nate thought he sprung an oil leak! After a few days his scrotum was greasy but now it's been a week and it looks like tar balls washing up on the beach.
by HotOne121 July 06, 2010
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What a spill (i.e. former rig) hooker finds in her/his hair after rimming a BP contract shrimper. A relatively new phenomenon following the Deepwater Horizon "incident".
"Bra, did you see the tarballs in Brandi's hair when she got off Boudreaux's boat? That ho must've been up to her dang neck!"
by Mississippi_Queen May 22, 2010
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