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A sweet nerd who loves to read books but has a secret life who no one knows about which is being the badass in the outside world.
"Hey Tantan looking good there"
by autumn black January 03, 2015
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A person who goes nuts about technology, especially Macs. Also commonly known as a geek, he resides in a school on Planet Earth, and runs two websites. Also loves film-making.
TanTan just helped Aaron's mom with setting up a new server.
by hahahahahahahanony May 13, 2011
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some sexy mofo that has no friends, but his mom boosts his spirit so thats all that matters..
look at that tantan hes so sexy, RAWR
by teheherawr April 05, 2011
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The nickname for MOUNT TAN, the smallest mountain in the world.
I almost stepped on Mt. Tan today when I was walking home from school.
by Jonathan August 19, 2003
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TanTan is the sexiest guy you will ever meet. He has the longest black dick you’ll ever see. He is so hot and always makes everyone around him horny as fuck TanTan usually attracts many girls but they are usually named Vanessa and Johnna TanTans are usually found having sex in the local sushi place
Person One: damn, that 8 hour anal session was perfect
Person Two: wait, did TanTan anal you?
Person One: yes, how did you know?
Person Two: everyone knows how epic tantans anal sessions are.
by deadgoosehorse December 01, 2018
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