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Tanise is usually shy but a great listener she is usually right about advice people don't listen to her but they will eventually she has a lot of things she wants to say but tries to stay nice instead, she is really silly and crazy sometimes so crazy when she's stressed and she always looks for the bigger picture in life she is cute and pretty but some times doubts if she is but over all is a great friend.
Tanise is soo goofy

But we love her.
by Anonymous 04 April 14, 2017
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She likes food,soccer,food,music and instagram.plays cello, but wants to quit. She is hella hot!(no homo) and she is my best friend...
Kid 1:Hey! Did you see Tanise? She scored a goal while eating McDonalds French fries, and then played victory music on the cello and took a selfie in 10 seconds!!
Kid 2: DAYUM I should hook up wit her
by Tanisesstalker April 24, 2016
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