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Taniesha is the nicest, best, sweetest person to ever exist. She is lovable and makes the best friend you could ever have. She is beautiful outside and in, even though she might not believe this herself. Make sure to get to know her as she is quite shy at first. If you don't know what to buy her, get a cat, she loves cats.
Person 1:"Wow look at Taniesha!"
Person 2:" I love her so much!"
by TRIGGEREDLOL July 13, 2017
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the best female ever she comes in the big 3 which are :
and everyone loves her she stands up for lots she is #2 because a Carena just has the talent of singing but Taniesha can play any instrument such as woodwind and brass and she loves cats and dogs
Heather:Is that a Taniesha

Michelle:Taniesha congrats on being cute
by Tae_isbae4life_always May 05, 2016
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