Heyy guys it’s Tammy welcome back to another mudbank were going to ex pleeeeer go get to the good stuff 👅👅
Savannah/ Tammy is so funny 😆
by Savannah hall November 28, 2018
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a psychotic, narcissist woman who loves to play the victim; has a huge forehead and looks gaunt; is addicted to pain medication
Oh, damn, that's one ugly Tammy.
by WynneDixie November 23, 2021
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Tammy. A girl with an exceptional arse/behind.
"woah, look at that arse! She must be a Tammy.
by Kingsurr March 11, 2019
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Tammy is a teenage girl who has a lot of friends but only a few really close ones. She has amazing hair and even bette skin. She always forgets what she is about to say. She has a great sense of humour and makes every laugh. She NEEDS TO BUY A NEW FAN BECAUSE SUMMER IS COMINGGGG
She is such a Tammy like person
by Whoknowsss September 15, 2019
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A boy or a guy who has energy is cool and also have a big dick
Tammy is a cool guy with a big dick
by Suck my nuts November 12, 2020
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Tammy, she's everything you wish you could be. From her hair to her fashionable clothes you either wish you were with her or wish you were her. One thing Tammy's are really well known for are their common association to horse girls. If you see a Tammy neighing, whipping her hair back and forth or charging her foot think nothing of it as she is always trying to connect with her horses when she is away. You'll never find anyone as dedicated as Tammy from sleeping in the horse bins to taking showers together, they are always spiritually connected. Tammy's are eternal beings a rather girl next door. She is one of the most hardworking people you'll ever meet, so if you want to keep her stay out of her passion, which is to start her own tomato juice making business. All in all you'll never meet a women like Tammy, tall like a skyscraper and curvy for days. But if you ever need her by your side click your boots three times and call out "hey girlie"
Hana: I wish I could be a pretty and popular horse riding tomato juice selling girl.
Hannah: Oh so you want to be a Tammy, I do too
Hanneigh: OMG me three!
by revolutionpower May 15, 2020
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