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A slick, undeniably sexy man who has a very strong mentality. And draws countless woman from the furtherest reaches of the universe. A true hero.
Karlie; omg I saw Tallas the other day he would blow my balls if I had any!
Aly: yea his stunning good looks and sexy ass made me longing for more
by Jdtm November 05, 2011
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Noun. (n)
Derived from Nematalla

1. Self-Proclaimed Genius
"I am talla, therefore I know everything about everything."

2. Self-Proclaimed Sexiest Man Alive
"I am talla and I am FABULOUS."

Adverb. (ad)

1. To act as a successful man, but in reality be an idiot.
"You're such a talla, so please talking out of your 'behind.'"
by AIXPORT June 10, 2014
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