Australian slang for the tendancy to criticise highly successful people (ie, tall poppies), and 'cut them down'.
Sam seemed to be suffering tall poppy syndrome when he described Kerry Packer as an evil man, merely because he was a billionaire.
by BabydollPink December 30, 2005
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"If I can't be special, NO ONE CAN!!"

Basically when someone tries to put a moral spin on their jealousy of other people's successes. But in the end, jealousy is ALL that it is. They will claim that someone may be "too good for everyone else" when they just want to bring the successful down to their pathetic level.
"I can't believe that Sandra inherited all that money. Now she thinks she's too good for us."

"Dude... If you're just gonna show off your Tall Poppy Syndrome all day, I'm out of here. I have no time for jealous, self-serving bullshit."
by DK2K1 March 5, 2019
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If you think you are better than the next person, you get the middle finger. An Australian term that can be observed in Aussie and Kiwi culture that promotes humility over pride.
You: I've finished Uni top of class! I guess that makes me the smartest.
Friend with 'tall poppy syndrome': Congrats! Good luck getting a job coz if I'm the hiring manager, your attitude resume goes straight to the bin.
by Ivee July 24, 2020
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Australian Slang for someone who has a high ego and needs to be brought back down to his peers through put downs.
Trent was suffering Tall Poppy Syndrome and he was long overdue for a put down or two.
by thisaussie55 October 18, 2010
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A term used by gamblers to attempt to shout-down anyone calling them out for celebrating negative EV wins.
Matched Bettor: Oh look... surprise surprise yet another negative EV win from the usual suspects
Degen: Stop picking on me EV monkey, I've been gambling for years. It's all Tall Poppy Racing Syndrome. DM me for my secrets.
by Franny Casti August 1, 2023
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