most likly a douche bag who kisses the ass of every teacher he/or she comes upon. a stuck up prick who thinks he knows every thing and trys to make him self look smart and every time boasting himself at others. you know what im talking about.
Guy1: dude i think i see someone under the teachers desk....
Guy2: what? oh. that must be the "top of class".
Guy1: wonder we never see them in class
by mrttimmy August 13, 2008
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D1: An English football term meaning "good play".

Can also be used in foosball.

D2: A replacement for the word "awesome" or "great".

D3: Used to describe something that is of great quality.
EX 1:
"Oh, that was a top class play Gary."
"Yes, absolutely incredible Nigel."

EX 2:
"If you could do that for me, that would be top class."

EX 3:
"Shiiiit dogg, those are some top class 24s you got there!"
by Likwit November 15, 2004
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Used sarcasticly in the same way as rocket scientist or einstein to insult someone who has attempted to sound intelligent by pointing out the obvious.
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 21, 2004
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Top Class Bitch :-A woman that doesn't give a fuck and that can and will be cruel to men and womem . dont care about no but herself. care her self well .and never care about braking a nail to kick someones asss
Davarel your a top class bitch
by davarel March 9, 2008
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