Launching into a long-winded monologue without thinking of the other person and what he or she has to say. Not asking them any questions. Eye contact fail.
Tiffany: Talk to me... How did your date go with Chad?

Sharika: He didn't look me in the eyes, or asks me any questions. He was talking at me about himself the whole time.
by cantgoback</3 January 06, 2013
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Talking talking is when two people are actually talking with a meaning, or when two people are talking with lust. Most times talking talking occurs between to people in a relationship.
The bf and gf were talking talking to each other over the phone and in the hallways whenever they could.
by Swim4143 May 17, 2016
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Talk that talk means to speak that shit. Talk that talk is like when someone says "Preach". They can say talk that talk. Also can mean to speak your mind. To speak what's on your mind, what your are thinking, what you wanna say, what you are saying.

A: Dude you're my boy

B: Talk that talk bro

A: Foreal bro you my nigga

B: Same Bro !


A: Bro I fucking hate the skanks around here.

B: Talk that talk !!
A: They are such hoes it's insane

B: Yes bro I'm sayin !

A: Wanna hear something els ?

B: Talk that talk G
A: You my best friend bro

B: Ayee bet, same bro

A: Bend me over dude

B: Nigga wtf I ain't gay

A: Damn my bad

B: Nah bro clear it we ain't friends no more

A: Dude I'm sorry

B: Nah G skrate up I don't fuck with that sweet shit. Shit ain't sweet boy

A: )':


Pastor: "Why should God forgive you when you can't forgive your old friend ? "

Friendly churchgoers: TALK THAT TALK BABY TALK THAT TALK !!!!!!
by Exum June 20, 2016
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courting, or trying to get at a person relationship wise
boy: ay baby girl let me get your number
girl: depends are you trying to talk talk to me or you just want pussy?
by alypd April 02, 2007
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simple kissing, usually lasting less than two seconds with no tounge involved (at most times); You cannot simply tell someone what talk talk is, you must show them
Chad: Katie, we're goign to have a talk talk
Katie: What's that?
Chad: Come here I'll show you.
Katie: Just tell me!
Chad: I can't.
by tpkirk2k September 03, 2006
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