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a. A cute little town in Alaska to visit for a week, especially in the summer. You can take airplane tours, go fishing, and do a lot of different drugs. A good place to find yourself.

b. A small town in Alaska where a group of young people are trapped. They have no AP, no museums (see Smithsonian), no clubbing, no concerts, and no internet. A good place to get wasted, pregnant, or bitten by mosquitoes.
"Now that we've evacuated New Orleans," said George W. Bush, "We should really do something about Talkeetna."
by another escapee December 06, 2005
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A great place to find drunk climbers and teenagers in cars. A place that is a party in the summer and a fucking pit of coldness in the winter. A place where the school is shit, drugs are the way to go, and bums sleep at the baseball field. A place where if you tell one person everyone knows. A place of no secrets and plenty of hippies. A place where people come to hide from the law.
Person walks into Talkeetna general store: "Yo, where can you buy pot?"

Store Clerk: "Stand in the park and someone will find you."
by Yo_forever May 25, 2008
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