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The most amazing, beautiful girl in the world. She's got hair like a lion's mane, eyes that make you melt when she looks at you, and a smile that brightens up anyone's day. She loves to dance, sing, and make a complete fool of herself when nobody's looking. She's adorable, kind, caring, loving, and just an all around good person. She's a lioness, a bird, and a bear. If you don't have yourself a good Taliyah yet, go get one.
Damn dude, who is that girl? That's Taliyah dude, how do you not know her?

I'm so happy to be with my Taliyah. She's amazing.
by Erconma September 25, 2011
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She is a very bright and talented person she's intelligent and out going always has a smile on her face makes others laugh when their sad, she is always being herself very tenacious and never will give up on life and will always tell others every little thing is gonna be alright.
Taliyah is just someone to be thankful to have on this earth.
by Lil beasty November 23, 2017
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She pretty,fine, and cute and she got her ways. She got a smart ass mouth and she dont know how to stfu she is a very special girl she is loyal and she really cares bout her bf . She is very talented and she smart. But if u got Taliyah as a gf u better keep her ass cuz she is special and u would find nobody else like her.
My girl Taliyah is the best that nobody could have.
by Dangla Tanger July 03, 2018
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a Taliyah or how ever you pronounce it or spell it, Is some always lost in there thoughts, Kind and caring but sometimes the devils daughter, aggressive yet amazing she's always wants a competition, she the most strangest person in the world but the most amazing person in the world, and renown for her beauty and hair as pretty as a cats fur and a smile that's like no others
Wow Taliyah is something else.
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by furlows4evah August 10, 2017
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ghetto bootayy. BEAUTIFUL, funny and loud laugh, hyperactive, hungry all the time, a little horn dog, constant partier. a very good friend to you, likes to go doggy style, has her lesbian moments, but you are guaranteed to LOVE her. very smart but NOT straight edge. a flirty sexy beast. thats all i have to say about my wonderful taliyah
"look at her, she's acting like such a taliyah
by bootycall19996 May 29, 2011
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She is a cool person she’s there when you need her she is sometimes a little annoying and has a fly ass mouth but other than that she is someone that is the perfect BFF for me cause we have different personalities and that make our day a journey every day I will say this you are a great friend
Taliyah a person with a variety full of colorful emotions
by It’s ur gurl December 31, 2018
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Beautiful,independent,evil,ghetto,usually has a new boo every other week,she’s a hoe,But don’t forget the brains,She’s crazy usually like the J’s
Taliyah is fine asf dude!
by Gdxgfddffvdhh May 22, 2018
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