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Third assistant secretary. Aka unimportant. Never does work. Is a guy. Hates people named David, Gaby, and Ahmad. Has a crush on everyone named Austin
"Who tf is Talin"
"Shut up Talin"
by Handsinpockets April 22, 2016
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The best friend anybody could ever have. Somebody who is very protective and rarely fights for himself.
I need somebody to talk to call Talin.
by Gandiman2 June 04, 2018
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A pretty girl who's very insecure. She likes to eat chicken... actually she just likes to eat a lot in general. But she's skinny af!
People don't like her cause they don't know her, but if they did.. THEYD LOVE HER! Weird, but awesome.
"Wow, she's such a Talin."

"Oh look, it's Talin!"
by fortybilliontrills August 02, 2013
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Someone who is absolutely amazing and should be cherished indefinitely. Wonderful artist; can express himself with ease but also struggles with deeply rooted issues. Nonetheless puts a brave face and makes people smile and laugh effortlessly.
“LMFAO YEO TALIN MAD SPED but nahhhh homie chill”
by actually.tho November 10, 2018
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