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Arabic in origin (طالب ); Tālib means ‘student, or seeker of knowledge & Truth.

Means "seeker of knowledge or truth, student" in Arabic.

Abu Talib was an uncle of Muhammad who raised him after his parents and grandparents died. His name was in fact a kunya (a nickname) formed using Abu; his real name may have been Imran.
by Smartone4evet June 18, 2018
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Talib is Arabic which means Seeker of Truth. Talib is very Honest one who holds truth high, Loves hard and easy, very emotional and kind. Talib is strong, loyal, faithful, and wise the heart beat of Jesus.
Talib is One of the best real hip hop mc's out there.
by Talib Winston February 04, 2010
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A dumb motherfucker who likes to stalk girls that hate him(all the girls hate him).
a fag who can fuck himself and suck his cock.
a fat ass with glasses and eats too much.
OMG.....THAT guy is So Talib.
by thug May 07, 2005
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A dumbass muthafucka who can't use a pencil cause he is actually shorter than the pencil itself.

He uses a ladder to climb a chair.

Also a wimp and cries for random stuff
by truthnig April 07, 2019
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