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Taking any type of loss, such as in an argument or sports game. Also can be used when referring to drunk behavior or receiving a bad grade. Not to be confused with "W" which is used to describe a win.
" Maddie took a huge L last night when she drank an entire bottle of champagne"
"Olive was unprepared for the math test and she failed- what an L"
" 2016 has been one huge L"
" When the team lost, they were really Taking an L"
by Nosral December 18, 2016
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When you don't know how to properly take an L so you have to say that you lost and the person who wrecked you lost as well so you can feel better about yourself and the stupid things you said .
by Big tuna 6969 June 09, 2018
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Producing and expelling fecal matter. Usually done in short bursts similar to pumping.
Deen - Doria are you ok? Do you have to take an L?
Doria- No I have to take a massive L.
Deen - Just one?
Doria - I usually take a lot of Ls.
Dave - Man my sister has an iron colon. She just pumps them out!
Dev - Damn!!! Who opened the 2-mercaptoethanol? I told you inside the thing hood!!
Dave - Doria's taking an L.
by Glodeeve August 07, 2017
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