a person who's one-of-a-kind and funny as anything. They can't resist candy and have a tendency to dance in a ridiculous manner. They ask stupid questions although abnormally smart and are let down easily. They try not to hold grudges but they're easily hurt. They tend not to be in a particular group and get along with mostly anyone. When they're in school they're determined yet laid back and may seem like an over-achiever to some. Their name is so interesting you can't help but comment on it
Dave: Who's she?
Heather: Oh, that's Doria.

Dave: Cool name. She seems funny...
Heather: Aw yeah shes something lemme tell you.....
by lalalalala143 May 29, 2011
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Person- A person with a very odd yet interesting name. Someone who can be your best friend once you get to know them, which, usually doesn't take that long. Enjoys speaking their mind and makes everyday as fun as possible, especially when someone's down. Not always the most popular kid in school but is friends with someone from every group. Smart, sweet, and eyes like no other. Makes an amazing friend, girlfriend, or gal-friend. Shy around people she doesn't know but gets crazy around those she does. Random, funny, and down to earth. Someone who's awkward but in that funny way. Doesn't appear too bright but turns out being smarter than average. Sometimes people walk all over her because she's so nice, but everyone is always there to support her. Usually single because she's well, not a whore and doesn't get involved in that scene. Hates being left out and can't stand braggers. Loves a good time :)
There's no example because everyone named Doria is one-of-a-kind :)
by ForeverBianca143 August 4, 2011
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If you dont have a mom named Doria you should wish that in your next life you will. Doria is the type of mom whos ready to make fun, play games, and shes the best listener in world. She will always try to make you happy and is THE BEST MOM IN THE WORLD.
Doria is the best mom, you can have.
by I AM SO SEJ October 2, 2020
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When a person, place, or thing is extremely enticing to the point where you exclaim it out loud.
Look at the view from the top of this mountain - it is so doria.

I'm in love with his blue eyes - they are so doria.

Mmmmmmmm, doria!
by jeffersonmurphy January 16, 2011
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A short, chink that is extremely lazy and disrespectful to everyone, including himself
I don't think anyone likes that Christian Denzhel Doria lookin mf.
by CosmicFlo June 20, 2022
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