The word take down, or TD, is used to describe a male or female meeting a member of the opposite sex (or same sex, I suppose) at a bar, restaurant, social gathering, super market, gym, etc., and physically leaving with that person and either making out extensively or having sex. There are different levels of take downs. A full take down, or full TD, is sex. A partial take down may just be oral sex or extensive making out. It is important to classify your TD. TD in itself just means a hook up. A full TD means much more.
Bob: Jimbo went to the Publick House bar last night, met a young coed, left with her, and had an extensive take down.
George: Was it a full TD?
Bob: I don't think so, just extensive.
George: Man, that Jimbo.

Larry went to Pavlov's bar last night and had a full TD on an empty keg in the stock room.
by scpar8 June 29, 2006
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To remove or delete something, usually as a form of censorship or copyright claim
Please take down "Genjer-Genjer" because it is the Communist Propaganda song
by Sir. B September 7, 2020
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1. In wrestling, the act of going for a neutral (standing) position to a position where you are in the dominating (top) position and your opponent is in the submissive (down) position. Often involves throwing and / or otherwise knocking your opponent to the floor.
1. Coach taught us another single-leg take down yesterday.
by R34lpolitik November 14, 2007
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(v.) To bring something down with full force. Literally, to grab someone in the chest area when diving for them and to push them down to the ground with you.
"It's time for a take down on crime", said the mayor, before returning to his office to collect the bribes he had forgotten.
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 4, 2004
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Having sex with a member of the opposite sex on a first date or a random hook up.
Jim and I went to a party last night and left with 2 girls and brought them back to my place for a take down.

I had a date last night and the girl was practically begging for a take down.
by Bill Alan August 28, 2006
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Has 95 base power but you take recoil damage.
Hym "Soooo... What you're saying is: I would succeed where the others failed? I mean, it's not much of a take-down because I'm telling what I'm going to say to every question you could possibly ask. 'I'm ToO iMpOrTaNt To Go DoWn LiKe ThIs!' he saids. I mean, it's not like I need to be pulled off the ledge of a cliff. You're ethic literally requires you to tell the truth but you can't because you'd reveal yourself as a charlatan. And it would be an objectively good thing to do. Like the shopping cart moral dilemma thing. You're making rules just to exempt yourself from them at your convenience. That's the literal definition of playing God."
by Hym Iam July 23, 2022
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A process by which two good-looking, jacked bro friends go out on the town to find attractive females to pursue. Once said females are located, seduction ensues; large quantities of alcohol are consumed. Male-on-female petting begins at the next bar, and by the third, the makeout sesh commences. The girls drunkenly stumble to the bathroom, where they both confer over the fact they're probably going to go home and have sex with their new male friends, and reassure one another that they're not being slutty because "those guys are just sooo f***ing hot." A cab is split between the foursome back to the bro's place. Upon arrival, the two chicks are forced into the corner, and cell phones confiscated. The chicks are made to watch as the dudes aggressively strip one another down and start sucking each other off. The homosexual interaction is at once both rough and intimate. Male-on-male sex quickly follows the foreplay. The two guys can say things like, "I love you, man, but tonight I just want f*** you", or, "your butt looks amazing with my c*** inside of it". This interaction continues, testing various sexual acts until both females are crying and traumatized. In the event they don't freak out, slight insults can be aimed towards them, such as, "Sorry, honey, I would be doing this to you, but my buddy here is just so much hotter than you are. Plus, he actually knows how to make a man hard and c**". After both males climax, cell phones are returned and the females allowed to leave.
"Oh dude, you got me so hard last night when we were taking down chicks, you're the man."

"Dude. Good job last night on taking down chicks. I think it's safe to say they won't being going home with another bar bro anytime soon. Haha."
by joejack21423 February 10, 2014
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