Dont take it to heart! it means dont take somethin Personal, or dont be upset or dont take this wrong.
Person A: Oh, the teachers are wasting too much time.
Person B: No!I have been working all day long and did not take any breaks yet...
Person A: Oh, "don't take it to heart", I did not mean you.
by Mozhgan Hudiburgh December 10, 2013

To consider or work on something without enthusiasm or effort
Don't just toy with the idea of becoming an actor and take it half-hearted, if you really want to be an actor, work for it!
by Zami Karzai September 14, 2018
The one phrase that immediately makes you take it to heart.
"I'm just saying, kiddo, what you're doing is offending others and it's getting you nowhere. Don't take it to heart."
Reverse psychology ensues; kiddo takes it to heart and sees themself as a terrible person.
by AdhesiveMadMan September 7, 2019
-Don't take what ever they told you all serious, in other words its a joke.
Ex. 1
Pablo: Yo, dont take it to the heart, but your haircut... yeah its kinda gay.

Jose: Haha, this nigguh , nah man i like it.

Ex. 2

Carlos: damn Tony ur a homo dude!

Tony: Wow dude your gay =

Carlos: Haha jk dude, damn you took it to the heart!
by mv7_db9 February 28, 2009
to find relief in, find consolation
I take heart in the fact that I will never see that jerk again for the rest of my life.
by Ember Silver February 23, 2009
To be (deeply) hurt by criticism from someone.
On the morning after Taylor and Carl's acrimonious break-up, Taylor felt terrible for her downright venomous attitude towards Carl and hoped that he didn't take it to heart. But alas, he did; that morning, he was found dead in an apparent suicide.
by Someone who kinda exists August 14, 2021