Telling your friend to take a penis in they're anus.
yet they think it means take a deep breath
Guy #1: yooo take a deep man
Guy #2: (deep breath)
Guy #1: Hahahah
Guy #2: What?
Guy #1: What?..haha nothin
by S3bby21 September 10, 2008
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The opposite of "Take It Easy", said with a snarly, vindicative purpose. Commonly used when dismissing someone you don't like.
Mike: Later dude.
Joe: Take it deep.

Simple, yet effective.
by August 11, 2007
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Could be used as a greeting or an obscure insult not to be picked up on. Often confused for Take it easy.

Also as a sexual inuendo in the right form. See example 2
1. I can't get breakfast after 11 AM? That's okay, Take it Deep!

2. Take it deep in the heart of the browneye!
by sect0r September 3, 2006
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When someone has been defeated and has no way of winning, and has been stopped form doing something he or she wants to do.
Did you see how badly that guy lost at the video game? yeha he must be taking it deep right now.

My friend couldn't come to the movies today because his dad didn't let him, man he must be taking deep.
by Kennjie July 15, 2009
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what half of shadow mountain does on friday/saturday night
Ms A: Todd, move up here, now!
Me: WTH? Take it deep
Jamoo: pretty much...
by pretty much? March 2, 2006
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To engage in sexual intercourse with a member of the female gender
"You think that girls Hot?"
"Hell yeah, I'd take her deep...all night long."
by Torii Hunter August 20, 2003
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