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A vague and empty promise rappers make in their music. It is sometimes presumed to mean a rapper is implying his affluence and ability to give a woman the high life. It in fact however simply means "Take you to orgasm."
It is particularly annoying because it has been copied and stolen by several artists, ruining the originality of it. In fact, for some unknown reason, women find this ambiguous phrase sensual and feel a strong desire to be "taken there" by whatever bullshit artist is uttering the phrase. Thinking it is some romantic experience he speaks of, when in reality it is simply expression of a typical rapper intent to fuck a woman tonight and never see her again.
Cedric: "Baby Ima take you there!"
Laquita: "Oh yeah Cedric, take me there! You're so romantic!"
Cedric: "Okay, by 'there' I mean 'my mom's room while she's at work."
Laquita: "okay..."
Cedric: "And by "take you" I mean have meaningless sex with you the same day I met you, but if you're a bitch I'll never talk to you again."
Laquita: "Oh Cedric, you're just the kind of man fairy tales are made of..."
by BennyDawg January 19, 2009
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