The hottest girl in the freaking world, covered in tons of bracelets, and anklets. Looks up to Ke$ha (has a lady crush on her) , and LOVES A GIRL NAMED KIM<33
by KimTaii$Moneyy March 30, 2011
Someone who rides off the coat tails of someone else to climb the 'proverbial' ladder - career, social, etc.
A coat-tailer is someone who only dates/marries or hangs around people of a certain status, (ie. salary, profession, social standing), who aspires to get the good life without earning it themselves.
by LfNG December 11, 2013
The act of shaving a horses tail off and sticking your head inside the horses anus and pretending to be it’s tail
Dude did you hear Gavin smith pulled a horse tailer yesterday, crazy shit man.
by Horse tailer May 1, 2020
Defecating with no regard for anyone else's well-being.
My boy fox tailed behind my house.
by Matryx February 11, 2003
A Tailer is a person who's kind, caring, loving, funny and likes to party. She is very beautiful and out going. Most tailers are more into music activities or sports. But don't cross them cause there very clever and can get u back anytime but If u are friends with or a boyfriend to a tailer ur considered one of the luckiest people out there.
Guy1: I can't believe ur with a tailer ur so lucky

Guy2: ikr I'm never letting her go
by Hiphoplover468 April 20, 2017
Tailer is a very weak and annoying boy. He is a girl when he fights with his siblings even his sister but he is a stupid dumb bitch that is a major girl.
Tailer is a girl .
by Unknown_boii June 15, 2020