“oh isn’t that tay’s dakota?” - person one.
“i will cut your limbs.” - tay
by tayderzi July 06, 2021
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“hey isn’t that tay’s dakota ?” - person one
“GET TF AWAY.” - tay
by tayderzi July 05, 2021
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Meaning ' tonight's the night ' but in a more fun and up beat way. Often you will be admired for using such a exciting term.
Jim: Gosh.. I'm having such a crappy day.

Sue: Jim tonight is going to be so much fun!! Don't be grumpy. TO-NAS-TAY-NAH! lets live it up!
by G-dogggg February 04, 2010
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A type of person Specifically MainTayWho.
whats a Twink Tay? oh its just a definition of MainTayWho!
by zaroozo September 27, 2021
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Super hot chick who’s very sassy and has trouble expressing her true feelings. She’s in love with a guy named Todd but refuses to tell him!
That girl is such a Super Tay
by Super Tay February 15, 2021
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a real one that pulls baddies and totes choppaz and follows street rules
Rapper young tay arrested for triple homicide claims "u a opp u get popped simple as dat f**k 12 and we bdk rip jojo FREE HOOVER MANE"
by yodaddy7414yafeelme May 03, 2021
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