Another word for the hottest girl ever. She makes you laugh,smile,and feel happy when your around her. She's also super sexy and got a booty of a black girl. She has a heart of gold but can get an attitude. She will mean the world to you when you meet her, and catch your eye right at first look. She's beautiful and just perfect
Taelor da girl you want
by Chase johnson December 19, 2016
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Taelor is a really annoying person, he likes to do nothing all day and just sit around. he is one of the laziest people in the world. but somehow he's funny and is okay at school. he has a successful job. He is tall strong and a little big.
by Ply-wood-- December 06, 2018
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The coolest girl around..very sexy..also see smart,funny,epic and awesome.
woah she be taelin'

that girl is so taelin'
by spencer August 15, 2004
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taelor is a outgoing and an amazing girl. she loves math and loves to mess around. shes one of the skinniest girls in school and she is so pretty and she has a good sence of style. shes very shy and loves her friends
have you heard of the new girl taelor shes amazing
by llama girl lololol December 18, 2018
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A boy with a girls name that begs it off many people that do not really like him . He like to make up lies that really upset people on purpose.all in all he is not the 1 to tell your secrets to
No body likes a Taelor
by I’m so kewl October 17, 2020
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