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The act of grabbing a twelve pack of beer and hitting the back roads and driving until you find a Possom. Once one is found, you shine a bright light on the animal and then kick it. This sport is popular in the agricultural parts of society.
My feet hurt because I went Possum kicking with no shoes on!
by Hcaz Sakraf November 29, 2006
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An obsessive and compulsive fan of anything and everything Predator. A Preddy is pretty much the same breed as a Trekie but not a fan of the Star Trek series.
He's easy to shop for. Just get him something with Predator on it and he will be happy. He is a world class Preddy!
by Hcaz Sakraf January 26, 2008
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When the head of ones penis pops through the worn out hole in the front of ones underwear, looks like a baby kangaroo.

My Roo popped out and so girlfriend grabbed it and put some "Roo in her 'do!"
by Hcaz Sakraf November 29, 2006
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A condition met when one gets so intoxicated from alcohol that the person loses control of the function of their eye and it closes. The other eye just kind of floats around, attatching itself to what ever it focuses on. This condition often occurs during the minor stages of adulthood.
Laura jake was so drunk off of Aftershock and Super Pepppermint Schnapps she got all Peet-Ah-Toe-Eyed and fell through the hole in Timmy's porch! Boy was he mad about his porch. Then he outlawed the use of Aftershock and Peppermint Schnapps at his house.
by Hcaz Sakraf February 23, 2008
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Matter and liquid that appears on the back side of the top of a toilet seat. The matter is usually underwear lint flecks while the liquid is often the afterbirth of diarreah.
I wiped away Larry Dales's ass crud with a paper towel and then took to the seat.

The ass crud was dry so I had to lick the toilet seat and THEN wipe it off.
by Hcaz Sakraf February 14, 2008
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A bearrier is a large amount of teddy bears between you and your wife.
The bearrier got too big so my wife now sleeps on the couch!
by Hcaz Sakraf December 8, 2007
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When a drunk old man takes his schlong out and rams it into a window while yelling out the phrase "Squished tadpole! Squished Tadpole!" Often done while over consuming cheap and hard alcohol.
I was relaxing in my car the other day and I looked over and seen Gaylords squished Tadpole.
by Hcaz Sakraf November 29, 2006
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