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Tadhg is the most adorable person to ever exist in any universe, he is so amazing and no amount of words will ever begin to describe how amazing, sweet, kind and caring he is. He cares deeply about many and would rather talk to others about their problems than open up about his, he tends to claim that he will open up when he needs to but no one will truly know that unless he trusts them completely.

Tadhg tends to think that he is very ugly or unattractive but that is the opposite of reality. He is an amazing person and everyone is lucky to have him a part of their life, especially for the person he ends up with because he is the BEST person in their life.

Tadhg is my best friend and my crush, and everyone is jealous that I found such an amazing person.
Girl 1: {gossiping to friends} Tadhgs the best thing that has ever happened to me

Girl 2: god damnit just date him already!!!!
by tmrmhn April 20, 2018
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He is sexy

His name is Tadhg but friends call him Taj
by tajmahal December 22, 2018
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Tadhg is an incredibly cute boy from Ireland, except he doesnt believe hes cute.
Hes smart and funny.
Hes everything a girl could want.
Melissa's so lucky that she found her tadhg.
by elixxx May 23, 2010
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A sexy beast
He is a fucking God at everything he does

He is amazing
Person 1 hi Tadhg. Tadhg:Fuck offff
by Tadhgy May 12, 2019
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Tadhg is the name which is the product of incoherent angstful shouting, and kerboard-bashing. The term 'Tadhg' can be used as an adjective, and is sometimes used as a way of expressing/venting emotions: -

(refer to 'HUGHES')
person1: You are a Tadhg.
person2: No, YOU are a Tadhg.
person1: THIEVIN' Tadhg!
person3: DIRTY Tadhgs!
persons1+2: Arrr TADHG!!!!!!
by HUGHES April 16, 2004
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A child from Ireland who dislikes everything and is a general prick
Hi Tadhg. Fuck off
by Nyiammmes March 13, 2017
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