A Mexican or any person of Hispanic decent.
Derived from sand nigger, refering to an Arab or other middle Eastern person.
That taco nigger was supposed to mow my lawn this weekend. Oh well, i guess he went back across the border.
by The Slayed May 24, 2006
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Any one that is from Mexico or south America except for Argentineans and Brazilians. But especially Mexicans and Taco-niggers.
Normal American: Hey where are you from, you look like an Argentinian.

Taco-Nigger: oh no hombre I es from Mehico.

Normal American: Step away from me now you filthy Taco-nigger.
by sentiencisi July 27, 2010
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A dark skinned Mexican usually with Native American blood. They tend to be poorer and smellier than normal skinned Mexicans. These are the people Border Patrol agents usually deport because their dark skin and stench stand out in American populations. Although the media likes to portray Taco Niggers as hard workers, residents of the southern border know the only thing Taco Niggers work hard for is learning how to swim across rivers. Taco Niggers tend to guilt gullible white Americans in giving them money and spend it on beans and rice.
The smelly and dark skinned Taco Nigger swam across the Rio Grande with beans and rice in his pocket
by BorderDeporter February 01, 2017
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a derogatory term used for people of latino descent. commonly used to describe smelly hispanics, seeing as niggers smell horrible too.
Unsuspecting shoppers in walmart pass a family of taconiggers

Unsuspecting Shopper #1:(passes taconiggers, turns to friend) GOD! did you smell those taconiggers?!?

Unsuspecting shopper #2: Yeah! they almost smelled as bad as niggers, only a little spicier! damn taconiggers...

The taconiggers overhear the conversation, get angry, and order their taconigglets to stab the crackers to death.
by Fuck Taconiggers March 30, 2008
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A Mexican, Vato.

One who is down for his homies.
Oh sheeet, eets Carlos. He’s a real down ass taco nigger.
by 4h35620345 May 13, 2018
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