To go out murder-raping in a "Vincent Tabak" stylee, specifically with strangulation as the modus operandi.
A: "fuck this Pete, i'm bored, shall we go out tabaking?
B: "yeah, hold on, i'll get me gloves."
A: "I'll meet you in the car."

A recent Tabaking trend amongst students has dramatically decreased the female population of the student body at Bristol Uni.

"show us your tits, or I'm gonna tabak ya"
by TCgossip December 23, 2012
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Something that you can dry then smoke like drugs but not so cool
by Apestrong666 April 17, 2021
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to be bitten hard by a highly intoxicated half jew
"Dude we were drinking last night , and that mofo TABAKED me!"
by adverb June 19, 2009
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