the face of glaring
the horizontal lines of T represent the brows
and the vertical lines represent the eyes
the underscore represents the mouth
Fella #1: T_T that is so lame.
Fella #2: No need to cry about it.
Fella #1: I'm not crying. I'm glaring. It pisses me off.
by Moonrook July 9, 2020
The face of crying the vertical part being the closed eye and the horizontal line being the line of tears
Man:Hey how are you
Woman:Go away I don't like you anyways
by Flashtj216 September 22, 2017
Most often used for crying, as the horizontal lines are the eyes and mouth and the vertical lines being the tears, some like me use it when you have your eyes half closed and are generally feeling like you're the only one with common sense.
Jock: Dude, I saw a (censored)... And she loved to (censored again)
Random Guy: T_T Liar...
by Hyperb2002 August 27, 2016
T_T can be interpreted in two ways.

One way is as a crying emoticon, with the top parts of the Ts representing the eyes and the bottom parts repretthe tears. so basically 😭 as an emoticon.

The other way is a slightly annoyed emoticon. The top parts of the Ts representing eyebrows and the bottom parts representing the eyes. so basically 😐 with eyebrows and as an emoticon.
Definition 1:
A: Hey B, so-and-so is cancelled.
B: nooooooo T_T

Definition 2:
A: Hey uhhh, i kinda broke your controller.
B: T_T bruh.
by Kābyi July 31, 2020
it shows the facial expression of "seriously", "im bored" or "really dude" while texting.
guy1:i killed my cat.
guy2: T_T really dude.
by lil_reine123 April 22, 2021
The clan tag of a popular Team Fortress 2 clan, the Turnip Troopers. I keep getting owned by those T_T guys.
T_TTurnip: Cry some more.
by [T_T]Spike February 8, 2008
t_t is someone flicking you off, see how it looks like two hands... also it is not to be confused with T_T which is a crying face.
Avanessa: erg, DUCK YOU Acy, t_t.
Acy: ! I can't believe you! T_T.
by mztriz November 9, 2005