"Those shoes are so TWC.
by Aissa June 23, 2007
I have to buy big condoms cuz I got a thick white cock (twc).
by Honkeyballs420 July 4, 2017
The Wrecking Crew: A group of super chill guys from Birds Hill and the North Kildonan area of Winnipeg, Manitoba formed in 1994. The TWC was always down to party and were known for their love of West Coast gangster rap.
Do you hear that bass? It must be the TWC.
by HunterTWC March 25, 2015
TWC is a Turf Wars Competitive league on Minecraft that is a complete waste of time, if you join this league you considered a tryhard sweat and an attention seeker. Also it is filled with 14yr eGirls. The only team needed is X because they are the best and #1, it is their sport and everyone is lightwork to them.
TWC Player - "you are good you in twc?"
Random Player - "nah that's wack, tryhard sweat!"
TWC Player - "ya I need to quit"
by Turf Wars Sweat December 21, 2018
Thick White Chick: This can be any manner of white female that is solid from tha floor to the ceiling. She may or may not have rainbow eyeshade.
by J Sprung July 14, 2010
TWC:The Wipe Crew. A group of elitists who are well known for wiping entire raids. They take great pride in their skills and always wipe in the most graceful fashion.

Known for shouting: "TWC FTW!!!!!"
by World of WoW August 2, 2006
Nick has a TWC doesn't he bashir
by Dildobagins101 August 12, 2016