That was funny, you may not have been crying your eyes out over this funny thing, but you gave a chuckle or smiled.
Random person on internet: OMG LOL

ME: I believe you mean TWF
by willbill June 14, 2007
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A TV show called "thumb wrestling federation" where thumbs would get dressed in felt clothing and wrestle each other. It's like WWE but fot a younger audience
Hey lets watch some TWF! theres a new episode on tonight
by Natpar October 06, 2013
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(The what fuck.)

A phrase that can be used as an exclamation when no other phrase will do, or as a question by someone who's really confused. Typically used as an extra addition to a statement/question, though sometimes used on its own.

Not to be confused with wtf or ftw. Possibly originating when a gamer wanted to to mix things up (or was so mad s/he messed up saying wtf.)
When the guy next to me in my chemistry class saw what would be on the final, he yelled, "They expect you to remember crap from the beginning of the semester?? TWF!"

"I shot that guy in the head three times, and he still turns around and kills me?! TWF?"

"The what fuck/TWF!"
by riddledeedo April 14, 2010
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acronym for "time wasting fag"; when all a gay man on a hookup site wants to do is chat or collect pictures with no intention for meeting up or engaging in sexual behaviors.
After hours on Grindr, Mark found out himself with no one to be with since all he encounter that night was TWFs.
by HotSurg December 27, 2014
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TWF stands for The White Ferret which is a Harry Potter role-play site. Those that frequent the site are known as ferreters.
I spent all day on TWF and I didn't do my homework. I now have detention, thus keeping me off TWF for half an hour. What will I do?
by French Graffiti January 02, 2006
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"The what fuck"

Slang on forums or just the plain internet. It just makes you look cool!
"twf you do that for?"

"The what fuck you do that for?
by July 27, 2009
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