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Team Starfire World BOINC, a small team of BOINC users with one of the highest RACs per member of any BOINC team. Known for it's friendly and open forum, world class overclockers, and the largest team IRC channel around.
Also home to Team Starfire World BOINC's Stats 'N Stones website, arguably the best BOINC stats site out there.
We joined TSWB because of their l337 IRC channel and stats site.
by paulbot January 06, 2008
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The definition of this word is TRAMP SLUT WHORE BITCH.

The background on this word, so far as I know, comes from some girl's movie parody of The Phantom Of The Opera which can be found here... http:// www. /community/ m15m/ 6231.html
Sara has banged every loser in town! And most of them were other girls' boyfriends!! She's such a TSWB!
by Zanti Misfit April 12, 2005
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